Ella Baché Hampton

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Build your skin's strength with our new sensitive

We are proud to introduce the new SensiBeautics Range, a revolutionary way to strengthen sensitive skin.


SensiBeautics is a comprehensive and exceptional skincare range that addresses the multiple causes of sensitivity, improving the skin’s tolerance and comfort for all fragile skins, with a particular focus on couperose and rosacea.

SensiBeautics formula contains raspberry seed oil, brown flax seed extract plus pro-tolerance complex and pre- and probiotics, to:

  • Deliver immediate soothing & calming benefits by reducing the inflammation of the skin.
  • Reinforce, repair and balance the skin’s natural ecoflora defences.
  • Provide an anti-irritation shield to help reduce irritations and improve comfort.
  • Inhibit hyper-reactivity to sensitisers, improving tolerance to environmental aggressors and reducing sensation sensitivity.
  • Normalise and strengthen micro-capillary structure reducing redness to even the complexion.

The SensiBeautics Strengthening Facial Treatment has been specifically designed for the most sensitive skins, needing intense calming, increased tolerance and enhanced barrier protection. Redness is reduced, complexion evened, resistance strengthened.

Experience this luxurious treatment and receive a BONUS SensiBeautics Daily Resistance Cream 25ml, valued at $47.